Road trip to Winnipeg Folk Fest II

Photography by Twila and Miss. Sable

Road trip Timeline

5:09 AM Farewell Edmonton!

7:57 AM Roadside continental breakfast at the Lloydminister Husky…

12:21 PM Full-serve gas pump in Lanigan, Sask. Luxury!

1:08 PM Foam Lake – THE best place on the world to live.

1:59 PM Yorkton – Home of the Cardinals.

2:48 PM Langenburg – Home of the Future!  Where we finally found our 3G network again!

3:02 PM We’re in Manitoba! Farewell, Sask.

3:07 PM Roblin. Almost like Goblin.

4:00 PM Internet cafe and ATM access spotted in Stratclair.

5:25 PM Photo stop in Gladstone with the Happy Rock.

6:56 PM Hello, Winnipeg!

Follow @soundnnoise and @misssable for live tweets throughout the week.

Cross-posted on The Choir Girl Blog.

We’ve arrived just in time for the Winnipeg Folk Fest.

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