I Survived the Winnipeg Folk Festival

I survived my first complete Winnipeg Folk Festival. I feel like I need some kind of button. It was a fine balance to ensure I had enough mental acuity to conduct interviews and keep the media updates coming from the festival while making sure I got a good sampling of the campground culture.

Twila and I visited the campground for a piece last year at the festival and we were both convinced we needed to return to camp the festival for the full experience. The campground truly comes alive in the evening with 24h drum circles, fire shows, and vibrant Art installations in the evening. The routine of our evening after Mainstage at the Festival would be to come back to the campground, I would take a nap from 12 AM-1 AM while Twila edited photos, and then we would wander the campground from 1 AM until whenever we finished. Then we would wake up at 9 AM and get ready for another full day at the festival. We braved a wide range of temperatures from searing hot humidity in the afternoons to staving off the chill from severe thundershowers on the last day. My skills at the capture and release of spiders from within our tent, taking icy cold showers from communal taps, and tuning out the ambient drumming in order to sleep are now perfected. I also have a new appreciation for sturdy tents, solar panel chargers, and glowsticks.

We completed a particular rite of passage by camping these past two festivals in Orillia and Winnipeg. I am excited to see what Vancouver and Calgary will bring.

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