What to See at Calgary Folk Music Festival

As the start of Calgary Folk Music Festival approaches these are my top three picks for workshops not to miss this week:

Same as it Never Was

Sam Carter, The Good Lovelies, Old Man Luedecke, Nick Sherman

There is some solid Canadiana talent on this stage. The Good Lovelies have tight vocal harmonies and Old Man Luedecke sure knows how to tear up some epic banjo. Add in Nick Sherman’s and Sam Carter’s pensive voice and I think good workshop collaboration times will be had by all.

Torch and Twang

I love unique voices so when I see Little Miss Higgins and the Winnipeg Five plus Jill Barber on stage together? I’m there. These two voices in addition to local Calgary talent, Kenna Burima, and the folk-jazz of the Polyjesters should produce some interesting musical fusions.

Animal Kingdom

Astral Swans, The Blue Warblers, Jaron Freeman-Fox, and Hello Moth.

I’m excited to take a listen to Calgary groups Astral Swans and the electro tunes of Hello Moth in conjunction with the violin of Jaron Freeman-Fox balanced with the more traditional roots of the Blue Warblers (Natalie Edelson and Kim Beggs). I don’t really know what will happen but I’m interested to find out.

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