Let the Mountains & Music Meet!

Fun fact: Folk on the Road is headed to the Jasper Folk Music Festival tomorrow, well to be 100% correct I should say half of Folk on the Road is headed to the mountains (Sable has to stay in the city). The weekend promises to be an amazing time “where music and mountains meet” and boasts a pretty awesome line-up.

Personally I’m eager to see Delhi 2 Dublin who in my experience are always a good bet when it comes to fantastic dancing times. I am also excited to hear Saskatoon’s Rosie & the Riveters who I only know from extensive CBC Radio listening, but am looking forward to seeing in person.

A group that I hadn’t heard of before perusing the schedule but through the wonders of the internet am now rocking out to is The Brevet, who are scheduled to play just before Scenic Route to Alaska (also ranking high on the list of exciting performers at JFMF 2016). I’m sure there will be more musical discoveries in the next few days, and can hardly wait to get on the road to Jasper … I just need to make a few playlists before then.


One thought on “Let the Mountains & Music Meet!”

  1. Never heard of most of these acts, so glad you put samples here. Also appreciate the intergenerational touch in Delhi 2 Dublin video. This would be a good festival if I did n’thave other plans. look forward to hear your reviews..

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