Meet the Folkies


Sable wasn’t always a folkie, but once she started she simply couldn’t stop. Dragged along (somewhat reluctantly) by a well-meaning group of friends her first Folk Festival experience was in Edmonton in 2005. Sable’s folkie heart was captured by Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Danny Michel, when he performed a workshop solo using his cellphone keys. Enthralled by both his musical abilities and the summer ski hill setting, she hasn’t missed a Folk Fest since.

She’s a choir girl at heart, singing with Pro Coro Canada and the Edmonton Opera Chorus. As an avid observer of the cultural communities she inhabits, Sable also blogs about choir culture on The Choir Girl Blog.

When she isn’t fawning over her new favorite Folk artist, Sable is a Speech Pathologist and enjoys fiddling on acoustic software, reading scientific journals on voice therapy, and monitoring her Twitter feed.



Don’t let Twila’s youthful exterior fool you. She is an old folkie at heart. Blending in seamlessly with the silver-haired folk purists camped out in the front row of workshop stages, she reclines in her seat ready with her stalker zoom lens to photograph the performance.

Even though she grew up as the daughter of one of Stringband’s Angels and would sing along with Stan Rogers’ songs on family road trips, Twila’s first Folk Festival was only in 2009—a travesty that she has been trying to make up for ever since. She is able to subsist off of black coffee and colour codes her program to maximize efficiency when scheduling her workshop sessions.

Twila recently completed her PhD in Musicology in minimalist music focusing on the composer Steve Reich at the Bangor University in North Wales and is now back in Canada. When she isn’t at a concert Twila can be found tuning into her favourite weekly folk fest on the radio.

One Summer + Two Folkies + Five Festivals