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An Interview with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Photo Credit: Cameron Postforoosh

How goes life on the road so far this December?

It’s been great so far. Lucky to travel with such a good group of guys.

Last year you spoke about how it was a therapeutic process and there was a palpable sense of hope with your album, I Wanna Make it With You. As 2017 draws to a close, did that feeling of hope linger on or change?

Hope never dies – that current is my favourite part of “I wanna make it with you”. The new songs all have that hope as well, it’s something I can easily get behind.

I have always gotten your adventurous and open spirit in your previous shows whether it’s having a gospel choir up on stage with you, playing house concerts, or having dancers join you on stage, what can Arden Theatre audiences look forward to your live show this time around?

The show this year is harmony rich – there are some wide driving moments with the band with some acoustic moments laden with harmony.

Why is it important for you to include local musicians and support local music when you visit a community?

I think it is important to me to meet locals of all kinds. It has been an incredible experience meeting local musicians over the years.

Since it is getting close to the holidays, do you have any favourite tunes or traditions?

I’m not great with the holiday tunes, but I promise to be holiday social in the lobby after the show

Is there anything else you would like to mention that I’ve missed?

Thank you for the wonderful questions. Looking forward to the Arden and a nice pre-holiday visit with the great people in Edmonton/St Albert!

MBF performs at the Arden Theatre Friday, December 15, 2017 at 7:30 PM. See this link for ticket details.

Interview: Holiday Tunes with The Ennis Sisters


In anticipation of their upcoming sold-out concert at the Arden Theatre, Teresa Ennis, speaks with Folk on the Road about their Holiday Tour.
How does it feel hitting the road again with your Christmas Tour for the eighth time?
Our Christmas show is so much fun!  It’s hard to believe that this is our 8th Annual Christmas tour. Each year, we add new songs, stories and dances to keep the show fresh and exciting for us and the audience. There’s so much excitement and magic in the air at Christmastime and it’s great fun to share that with large groups of people all over the country.
What is one of your favourite moments or songs from the Christmas set list?
One of my favourite moments is when we sing a medley of Christmas classics and the audience sings along with us. It’s like singing with a giant choir. Sometimes audience members will even throw in a few harmonies. It’s fun to get the crowd to participate in the music and I think they enjoy it too.
What is one of your initial Christmas memories singing together?
As far back as I can remember, music has always been a big part of our Christmas tradition. We grew up in a very musical household where singing and dancing was always a given for any special occasion, especially at Christmastime. I remember my grandfather and father playing tunes on the button accordion (traditional NL instrument) on Christmas Day and dancing along with my sisters when we were little girls. As we got older, we naturally learned how to play and sing that music for ourselves.  I’m so thankful to be able to share that gift today!
Do you have any Ennis family holidays traditions from Newfoundland that you can share with us?
Like so many others, family, food and music are a big part of our Christmas traditions. Each year on Christmas Eve, our mother cooks a traditional Newfoundland meal- salt fish n brewis, toutons and baked beans- and we sit at the table and take some time to enjoy each other’s company. On Christmas Day, we gather with close, extended family members for a traditional NL jiggs dinner with music to follow. I love it!
You really get to have a comprehensive east to west survey of Canada from Cornerbrook to Nanaimo leading up to Christmas, is there anything that stands out to you as a performer when you meet audiences from coast to coast during the holiday season?
We started this tour 8 years ago and toured it across Newfoundland. Then we began getting requests to bring it to the mainland.  Three years ago, we started our cross Canada Christmas tour! We are always amazed at how audiences from coast to coast respond to our music. People love the energy of our show and hearing about the traditions and songs we have in NL. Everyone leaves feeling as if they just had a little glimpse into what Christmas is like back home.
What else would you like to mention?
We have released three Christmas albums and 9 non-holidays albums over our 20 year career. Our upcoming non-holiday album will be released in the spring of 2018 and was produced by famed musician, best selling author, actor and fellow Newfoundlander, Alan Doyle.
Visit www.TheEnnisSisters.com for more info!

Winnipeg Folk Festival Workshop Picks

After spending an evening curled up with my Winnipeg Folk Festival app, listening to the Soundcloud clips, reading Artist biographies, and starring my must-see sessions. Here is where you can find me at the Winnipeg Folk Festival:

Indie 500

Sunday July 13, 2014. 1-2:15 PM. Big Bluestem.

Rueben and the Dark, The Strumbellas, and The Wooden Sky

After taking a listen to this track from the Strumbellas I am sold on this session:

Cover Me

Saturday July 12 2-3:30 PM. Shady Grove.

David Myles, JP Hoe, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Sweet Alibi, The Bros. Landreth

IMGP0012Michael Bernard Fitzgerald has been through Edmonton many times for me to catch him live in concert and I was able to see David Myles live at communitea in Camrose this past Fall. I am excited to see them on stage together to see what they come up with in addition to JP Hoe, Sweet Alibit, and the Bros. Landreth. Plus, Shady Grove is one of the stage in the woodland area so I will be looking forward to some shade mid-Saturday afternoon.

Roll on Saskatchewan

Saturday July 12, 2014. 2:30-4 PM. Big Bluestem.

Kacy & Clayton, Little Miss Higgins & The Winnipeg Five, The Deep Dark Woods, and The Sheepdogs

This workshop session is exactly the way it is. Deep Dark Woods + Sheepdogs on a stage together? I am there. Plus, I feel extremely connected to Saskatchewan after driving through that golden prairie landscape on my way over to Winnipeg from Edmonton.

A Room of Her Own

Friday, July 11 4:15-5:30 PM, Big Bluestem

Calypso Rose, Little Miss Higgins & The Winnipeg Five, Martha Redbone Roots Project, Ruth Moody, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar.

Maybe it was the numerous years singing in treble voiced choirs but I love the sound of female singer-songwriters. I have been a fan of Little Miss Higgins, and Ruth Moody’s work in the Wailin’ Jennys for many years so to hear them on stage together, in addition established female voices, is a must see for me.

We Shall Overcome – Pete Seeger Tribute

Sunday July 13, 2014 4:15-5:30 PM. Big Bluestem

Ani DiFranco, Elephant Revival, Jake Shumabukuro, Joan Beez, Reuben and the Dark, Sarah Lee Gunthrie & Johnny Iron

A folkie must pay homage where homage is due. The death of Pete Seeger was a significant musical loss this past year. There is no place I would rather be than at this workshop. I have sense that everybody at the Folk Fest will be thinking the same thing so I will be lucky to get a spot. It doesn’t hurt that headlining names like Ani DiFranco are on the workshop roster. I am also excited to hear Elephant Revival for the first time live.


Always winter, never folk fest?

Gilmore & Roberts @ Blue Sky Bangor
Gilmore & Roberts @ Blue Sky Bangor

Waiting for the Folk fest line-ups to be published can often feel like we’ve been transported to C.S. Lewis’ Narnia when it was always winter and never Christmas. But never fear -Folk fest prep doesn’t start the morning of the first festival day (or even ticket day [for truth Edmonton Folkies!]), weeks -even months before you can get into the festival spirit.

A week before cinnamon hearts and chocolate boxes go on sale is a small scale celebration known to insiders (read: me and anyone that I can rope in) as ‘Half-Way-to-Folk-Fest’. On that first weekend of February -Edmonton folkies can rest assured that the time between folk fests is waning. We now can look ahead to next year’s festival knowing it is a mere 6 months away. The big black Xs that get drawn through calendar boxes are now counting down ever closer to the best weekend of the year…

What to do to celebrate?

Myself and some friends have been known to dress in our festival gear (floppy straw hats included), lay tarps (in lovely central-heated living rooms), eat snacks, drink tea & coffee, visit, listen to music and conclude the evening with a candle light, sing-a-long version of ‘Four String Winds’. But apparently festival reenactment isn’t for everyone, so some other options for pre-festival activities include:

  1. Folk clubs/house concerts -the folk scene isn’t just for summer, these artists tour and perform ALL the time. Try to catch up with some of your favorite performers and maybe a few new ones. This winter reconnaissance will definitely help when you need to prioritize your festival workshop schedule.
  2. CDs/mp3s/YouTube etc. -for those of you who don’t live near a super wonderful or even moderately decent music scene, I would like you to meet the internet -your new best friend. Read up on some old favorites, see who they are touring with, listen on YouTube, buy their albums, expand your listening…and again it will help you make the all important summer scheduling decisions.
  3. Radio – those radio DJs wield some amazing power, helping to guide musical tastes and set musical trends. Find a good folk-roots show -nationally CBC’s ‘Deep Roots’ is amazing! And lots of independent stations have a few hours a week dedicated to domesticate and international folk artists, you can often find these radio programs listed as sponsors in the back of last year’s festival program. Go ahead, tune in.
  4. Plan games/activities for your road trip of awesomeness to said summer festival.
  • A tried and true favorite of us at Folk On the Road is: Dream Workshop Session (workshop leader must be identified)…its kind of like Fantasy Football but with music. Get creative, restrictions such as requiring all the performers to currently be alive add an extra challenge because apparently you can’t always have Stan Rogers and/or Woodie Guthrie on stage…/
  • Epic playlists. Google map your route, figure out driving times and structure your playlist accordingly…if you don’t let yourself duplicate music suddenly you have to be very selective of what hours of your drive you want certain music to appear in. Bonus points for having appropriately topical music miraculous booming from your car speakers without having to push any extra buttons (example Corb Lund’s ‘Long Gone to Saskatchewan’ clicking on as you drive out of the gas station in Lloydminster). If planning a commute with a large group of people, I suggest a Google document that all or those of you with reliable musical tastes can update.